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 __ CommonTec designed the new CGT-P1 Pallet Shredder for the highest efficient recycling job *** CommonTec Extrusion Technology: CommonTec developed the new CEP600 "dualspeed" Paste extruder for broader high quality production range of paste extrusion. *** CommonTec develops test field software for DaimlerChrysler. *** CommonTec develops test rig electronics for Airbus industry. *** CommonTec developed electronic components for TRANSRAPID

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CommonTec wood shredder

CommonTec Ltd. produces high-quality cutting up machines for wood and plastics. A special value was putted on the solid Framework and excellent, sophisticated cutting engineering. The cut width reaches from 660mm up to 33000mm and a power range from 22kW up to 220kW. and can be feeded in two different ways. Hopper units will be feeded from top by forklift. The horizontal units will be feeded by conveyors (shaker or conveyor belts). The shredding volume is accordingly from 800kg-8000kg wood/hour.

CommonTec can say with good reason, that the CGT series the most efficient machine to grind up woods and plastics. The solid and heavy duty frame and mechanical engineering in combination with the intelligent control engineering makes the CGT series to a "24h worker".

The material feeding is constantly supervised by the electronically regulated hydraulic unit. Dependent on the current consumption the Ram speed steplessly regulated.
Extensive sensoring and monitoring supervises the machine permanently. All operational data are operated by intelligent algorithm and sophisticated automatic control.

Long test series and innumerable machines in the world confirms in the best way.

CommonTec plastic shredder

The CommonTec plastic shredder is based on the same framework. Depended on the shredding material, CommonTec offers different kind of cutting system. In most case can be used the same cutting system like on the CGT wood shredders. In case of rubber for example CommonTec recommends the "bladecut" cutting system.

Wood shredder
Horizontal shredder
Hopper shredder

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CommonTec Milling machine